Solution for Repetitive, Discrete, Job Shop, Process (batch), and Process (continuous) manufacturing.

Available as standalone modules and as an integrated system.
Deploy On-Cloud and On-Premise.


With the Efficiency Monitoring module,  gain complete visibility of shop-floor, increase operational efficiency, optimise workforce efficiency, increase factory output and reduce downtimes. Provide real-time data and insights to stakeholders, easily identify bottlenecks and challenges in your production process and create an environment where people communicate and collaborate.

Solution comprises of,

  • Real-time Dashboards

  • Interfaces for ERP like SAP

  • Interfaces for devices like barcode printers

  • Application on Handheld Terminals / Smartphones / Tablets and web-portal for system management. 

Efficiency Monitoring module aligns cross-functional teams  through better reporting so that they can view the latest status of their work order, work time, operator efficiency, material in-use and flow-time.


KaiVision improves inspector productivity by helping them plan, execute and review each task on a reference time-scale. Inspectors take pictures before, in-process and after to better understand and communicate the scenarios with their team. Reference option is available at fingertips to get help on applicable codes and standards, drawings and procedures. KaiVision helps in improving production traceability, achieve reproducible results across multiple lines and facilities for equivalent production performance and detect quantifiable defect trending for complex defects to reduce operational inefficiencies.

KaiVision comprises of 3 modules: Inspector, Auditor and Engine.

The Inspector module can be used in the following configurations:

  • Android App on mobiles and tablets using phone’s camera.

  • HMI module with built-in camera.

  • External camera integrated with KaiVision Engine (Coming soon).

Auditor module is available on:

  • iPhones, iPad running iOS

  • Smartphones running Android OS

  • Web Browser on Windows, Linux and Mac

  • Desktop Application

Engine is available on the following:

  • KaiCloud

  • Linux with CPU-based processing

  • Linux with Nvidia GPU-based processing


The Material Tracking module empowers your team to control and monitor flow of material within the factory premises. Material Tracking module helps in reducing operating expenses, enhanced inventory visibility, enhanced Security, inbound and outbound Optimization, efficient Labor Management and trace-ability.

The solution comprises of a web-based portal software and client software that runs on handheld terminals of material movement operators and store managers. Interfaces for various ERPs, mobility devices and 3rd party systems help increase productivity and boost employee morale.

Automation through barcode helps in quick identification, movement and traceability. Full-kit module helps operators in picking the right parts for each BOQ faster. Internal Movement Order (IMO) based control in the software helps in monitoring real-time status, location and quantity of material across the factory premises. IMO also helps in measuring performance and operational costs.


Asset Maintenance module helps track and maintain the industrial and non-industrial assets using Barcode / RFID tags and handheld Barcode / RFID terminals running Windows and Android OS. Assets are created in the software and tagged for identification. Several details of the asset are captured and preventive maintenance schedule if required, is defined for respective assets. At scheduled intervals, physical count of assets with their location details is recorded across various facilities.

Track ownership changes, maintenance checks, asset transfers, asset movement and depreciation throughout the lifecycle of the asset. A comprehensive asset register is made available to the stakeholders with historical data starting with procurement, stores, issual, returns, movements, transfers etc.




Integrate production planning and shop floor with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination across all verticals of your business.


A Bill of Material is at the heart of any manufacturing ERP software, and a well-defined BOM ensures robustness and accuracy. Hierarchical in nature, the finished product is at the top. It includes product codes, part descriptions, quantities, costs and additional specifications.


With Job Cards, Operations and Workstations, you can automate the capture of mundane activities that are carried out on your shop floor. Realtime status of the job work being done for manufacturing products, the location of workstation, assignment of employees and status of each work order's current state and consecutive following steps are also viewed in one screen.


If your business involves outsourcing certain processes to a third party Supplier, you can use the subcontracting feature of ERPNext. Provision to supply the raw materials and if the third party does the labour/operations, you can track this easily. The valuation of finished goods is the cost of raw materials sent outward and the amount at which their services were procured.


An Item Variant is a version of an Item with different attributes like sizes or colors. Suppose you produce t-shirts and it comes in different sizes and colours like small, medium, large and red, yellow, black. In ERPNext, the t-shirt will be considered as an Item template and each of the variations will be an Item Variant. Item Attributes distinguish between these variants easily, and can be based on Size, Colour, Shape and so on.


Integrated inventory so that you have a realtime view of the availability of products, managing stock levels in various locations with warehouses, stock transfers, and so on. Batched Items can be easily managed with this integrated inventory - maintain manufacturing date, expiry dates, analyse expiry of items, and so on. Scanning barcode via your device camera gives you blazing fast search through the hierarchy of your stock to make faster decisions.


Integrated inventory so that you have a realtime view of the availability of products, managing stock levels in various locations with warehouses, stock transfers, and so on. Serialised Inventory feature comes in handy for maintaining each unit serially. Setup naming series for auto-creation of serial numbers for stock inwards/outwards. Also, scanning barcode via your device camera gives you blazing fast search for quicker results.


Material procurement & production planning against sales orders or material requests enabled along with the provision to track material consumption of serialised or batched inventory to curb manufacturing expenses and facilitate zero wastage of resources.


Optimise the usage of your workstations as per the resources available for open production orders. Identify bottlenecks at the shopfloor level and eliminate these by creating a capacity plan. You can maintain and manage planning schedules for a pre-defined period of time, say 30 days, 45 days, and so on.


Minimise manufacturing costs and optimize resource allocation with Job Cards, Timesheets across the operations. You can track operational costs, resource costs and integrate these timesheets with salary structure for smooth processing of payroll as well. Drag and drop feature of the Kanban view will change the status realtime in the underlying Job Cards.


Keep track of different units of measurement for your inventory. You can set up conversion factors in the Item master itself and facilitate smooth Sales, Purchase and Stock transactions and the conversions will be handled by the system. Don't let systems define how to track your materials, start tracking stock the way you want.


With Quick Stock Balance report, you can perform Stock Audits at the physical location to verify and validate the stock count at the warehouse and the system. Simply scan the barcode with any device (no barcode scanner required!) and start counting.


To prevent stockouts, you can track an item's reorder level. When the stock level goes below the reorder level, this manufacturing ERP software will create an automatic material request for quicker replenishment of inventory, thereby reducing chances of stock exhaustion.


Map important data specific to your business by adding custom fields in your forms. Customise form behaviour by auto-fetching values, hide fields based on user roles, create custom Print Formats all without writing a single line of code.


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